Q&A: Embracing Tomorrow’s Security Landscape. Insights from our experts following Gartner® report

Charting the Future of Identity Security Leadership

As an Identity Security company, staying ahead in the evolving cybersecurity landscape is paramount. Delve into our exclusive insights derived from the “Predicts 2024: The Changing Role of the Identity and Access Management Leader report to gain foresight into the future of Identity Security leadership.

Q: How does the report anticipate the future of IAM leaders within the realm of Identity Security?

A: Within the realm of Identity Security, the report foresees IAM leaders morphing into pivotal figures known as Chief Identity Officers (CIDOs). These leaders will bear the responsibility of fortifying identity-centric security measures, overseeing comprehensive access controls, and orchestrating strategies to combat evolving threats. The CIDO will be responsible for the business outcomes in terms of business enablement and security, which require the person to be included in C-suite discussions.

Q: In what ways will this transformation influence the landscape of Identity Security services?

A: This transformation in leadership will spark a revolution in Identity Security services. It will inspire a more proactive approach towards threat detection, fostering innovation in access management solutions and amplifying the adoption of identity-centric security protocols. Identity Security services will be aligned more closely with cybersecurity services as they are complementary to each other, and compromising the identity security is a vector key to any attack’s success.

Q: How crucial is it for IAM leaders to integrate business objectives with Identity Security strategies?

A: It’s paramount! IAM leaders must synchronize Identity Security strategies with broader business goals. Investments in Identity Security must pay off in positive business outcomes that are traced to the overall business objectives. Identity Security business outcomes tend to align with either improved cybersecurity and resilience, cost benefits and efficiency, or compliance. Such alignment not only fortifies security measures but also drives business continuity, enhancing user experience, and fostering digital trust—a hallmark for our Identity Security solutions.

Q: What measures can Identity Security companies adopt to align with the evolving role of IAM leaders?

A: Identity Security companies should gear up by providing comprehensive tools and services that empower CIDOs and IAM leaders to navigate this transformative era. Solutions need to support identity fabric architectures by offering seamless integrations and robust access controls, and making use of predictive threat intelligence will be vital. From a services perspective Identity Security companies must be proven long term partners with their customers to evolve their identity fabric architecture. The shortage of Identity Security people will become more and more apparent, so service providers must look to provide more managed services to overcome the resource shortage by using them more efficiently.

Q: How will the rise of CIDOs impact the innovation landscape within Identity Security?

A: The rise of CIDOs signifies an era of heightened innovation as the Identity Security now enters the core in any organization’s cybersecurity program. It will fuel the development of cutting-edge Identity Security technologies, propelling advancements in authentication methods, adaptive access controls, and AI-driven threat analysis—all fundamental pillars of our identity-centric approach.

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